One of the last remaining buildings from the Studebaker factory in South Bend, IN. I think this was the foundry. (Nov. 2008 image by author)

Detail of the Studebaker foundry. (Nov. 2008 image by author)

Inside the Studebaker foundry. The last time car parts were manufactured here was 1963. 45 years later it looked like this. (Nov. 2008 image by author)

The remains of the Wilson Brothers Shirt Company, next to the remains of the Studebaker factory, in the remains of South Bend. (Nov. 2008 image by author)

Homes on the hill above the Studebaker factory in South Bend. (Nov. 2008 image by author)

Our Lady of Hungary Catholic Church - South Bend. (Nov. 2008 image by author)

Behind the Hurwich Iron Company, also in South Bend. (Nov. 2008 image by author)

A bar in a former Polish neighborhood in South Bend. In the background is St. Casimir's Catholic Church. (Nov. 2008 image by author)

Rail cars next to the former Bendix Corporation plant in South Bend. Thankfully the attractive structure has been maintained over the years. Bendix made automotive and aircraft parts. The facility is now occupied by Bosch and Honeywell, also aircraft parts companies. (Nov. 2008 image by author)

Behind the former Bendix plant in South Bend. (Nov. 2008 image by author)

Another side of South Bend: Notre Dame. (Nov. 2008 image by author)

Hummer factory in Mishawaka. (Nov. 2008 image by author)

Elkhart County, Indiana is the location of over a dozen RV manufacturers. None of these plants are very photogenic, but here is a typical one: Gulf Stream in Nappanee. (Nov. 2008 image by author)

Detail of downtown Nappanee, IN. (Nov. 2008 image by author)

Living next to the General Electric plant in Fort Wayne, IN. (Nov. 2009 image by author)

One of the G.E. factory buildings in Fort Wayne. In 1969 10,000 people were employed by General Electric in Fort Wayne. (Nov. 2009 image by author)

Detail around the General Electric buildings near downtown Fort Wayne. (Nov. 2009 image by author)

Superior Essex wire factory along the Saint Mary's River in Fort Wayne, Indiana. (Nov. 2009 image by author)

Elevated water towers are ubiquitous in the Midwest, because of the need for "head" for water pressure. These Fort Wayne houses are in the shadow of a water tower that serves the Paragon Tube plant, which was originally one of the General Electric factories of Fort Wayne. (Nov. 2009 image by author)

Former International Scout factory in Fort wayne. The workers were represented by U.A.W. Local 2357. (Nov. 2009 image by author)

Another Fort Wayne scene is Uncle Lou's Steel Mill Tavern across Taylor Street from the Valbruna Slater Stainless Steel mill. (Nov. 2009 image by author)

Ward Aluminum Casting foundry in Fort Wayne. (Nov. 2009 image by author)

Auto parts supplier Dana maintains this Fort Wayne plant. Perhaps this is the factory where Dana made their famous Dana 44 rear axle. (Nov. 2009 image by author)

The neighborhood around the Dana plant in northwestern Fort Wayne looks like some kind of Levittown. (Nov. 2009 image by author)

General Motors Metal Fabricating plant with downtown Indianapolis in the background. (Image by others)

GM Metal Fabricating Division plant was actually built in the 1930's, although you can't tell it by looking at this picture. (Image by others)

UAW Local 23 office beside the now-closed GM Metal Fabricating Plant in Indianapolis. Before they closed the facility, GM did have a buyer for the plant - JD Norman Industries - but the buyer wanted such deep concessions from the union, including throwing out the existing contract and a 50 percent wage cut, that they overwhelmingly voted to prevent Norman's purchase. A Local 23 union member was quoted in the news as saying, "You just can't live on $15.50 an hour. I lived on twice that for the past 4 years." The GM Metal Fabricating plant closed in 2011. (Image by others)

Railroad and rail sidings running beside GM Metal Fab toward downtown Indy. (Image by others)