These company houses at Fleming, KY have been nicely preserved. (Nov. 2016 image by author)

The formerly important town of Neon, Ky. was a small commercial center for the surrounding mining towns. A regional chain of stores - Dawahares - started in Neon. The Dawahares franchise eventually numbered 30 stores, but is defunct now. (Nov. 2016 image by author)

Coal miner at Kona, KY. Elkhorn Coal Company opened the Kona mines and coal camp around 1913. (Image source lost)

Former Chesapeake and Ohio Railroad trestle over Russel Fork with an old Addington Brothers prep plant in the background. (Nov. 2006 image by author)

Company houses built on the hillside in 1912 by the Elkhorn Fuel Company in Garrett, KY. (Nov. 2006 image by author)

Abandoned theater in Drift, KY, where the mines have closed and most of the coal camp has been torn down. Although ruined, imposing and majestic structures remaining in old coal towns are indicative of the wealth that once could be found (at least for the coal barons) in Appalachia. It also shows how some mine owners attempted to provide nice facilities to make coal camp life more pleasant for their employees and their families. Beaver Coal & Mining Company was the most well known operator of the Drift mines, but there were other smaller mines (Floyd-Elkhorn Consolidated Collieries, Turner-Elkhorn Coal Company, etc.) as well. (Google Street View image)

Idled coal tipple near McDowell, KY. (Nov. 2006 image by author)

Headhouse of the idled tipple near McDowell, KY. (Nov. 2006 image by author)

A coal camp built by the South East Coal Company at Millstone, KY. There is a very attractive and historic looking church to the left of these homes, but unfortunately most of it is not in the picture. (Image courtesy of Mick Vest)

Sadly, this South East Coal Company store at Millstone, KY did not fare as well as the one at Seco. This store has been demolished. (Image by others)

Last few remaining coal camp houses at Henry Clay, on Marrowbone Creek. (Google Street View image)

Coal mining continues to the present day in the Elkhorn Coalfield. This is one of the entries into Arch's Bandmill II Mine (Image courtesy of Douglas Foreback)