Totz, KY coal camp with the coal preparation plant in the background. The Totz mines were opened in 1921, and are one of the last coal camps to still have their active coal mine, though it may not be the same seam, lease, or continuity as the original mine, which closed in 1948. (2017 image by author)

Again you can see the prep plant (tipple) in the background. Companies such as Harlan-Cumberland Coal Mining Company and Harlan Central Coal Company have operated the Totz coal mines.(2017 image by author)

A coal company house on the left and the old company store on the right. (2017 image by author)

Back of the prep plant with some of the Totz village in the background. (2017 image by author)

A view of the plant feed conveyor feeds coal into the prep plant. They always go into the top of the plants so that coal can sift down throught the various circuits in the plant by gravity. (2017 image by author)

Where the plant feed beltline comes out of the ground. (2017 image by author)

Piney Mountain looms in the background. (2017 image by author)




“Harlan County, Kentucky Coal Camps.” Kentucky Coal Heritage - Harlan County, Kentucky Coal Camps, 22 Jan. 2018, www.coaleducation.org/coalhistory/coaltowns/coalcamps/harlan_county_coal_camps.htm.

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