This was a Consolidation Coal Co. operation near the Marion - Harrison County lines. More specifically, it was Consol's Mine No. 67, and it opened in 1910.

The Hutchinson coal camp. (Nov. 2004 image by author)

Consolidation Coal built this big power house at Hutchinson to electrify their coal mines in the area. The company houses on the hill in the background are still in existence today. (Circa 1921 Coal Age image via Google Books)

A picture of the Hutchinson power house taken by the building contractor, Nicola Building Company of Pittsburgh. (Image from the 1927 Keystone Coal Catalog)

The collapsing ruins of the powerhouse. This has been demolished since I took this photo. (Nov. 2004 image by author)

The sealed portal for a mine is actually across the West Fork River from the coal camp and tipple area. The bridge that was part of the hauglage route from the mine is now the automobile bridge in and out of the town. (Nov. 2004 image by author)

This is another old portal, perhaps a "man way," and it is near the entry shown above. (Nov. 2004 image by author)