When I first entered the town of Kitzmiller, MD, I saw this restored coal car in front of the post office and I knew I was in a coal mining town. (July 2003 image by author)

Actually, Kitzmiller isn't a coal company-built town per se. It was a mill town before the coal boomed. But it is full of coal history. Many of the local residents of Kitzmiller deny that a coal company built any of the homes in the town, but the owner of one of these homes said that Hamill Coal and Coke built these houses. (July 2003 image by author)

These houses in Kitzmiller were probably inhabited by miners of the Hamil Coal and Coke mine, which Kitzmiller citizens reckoned opened around 1900 and closed around 1960. (July 2003 image by author)

Johnstown Coal and Coke Company store in Kitzmiller. That same company operated the Vindex mines and coal camp over the mountain from Kitzmiller. (July 2003 image by author)

There is a nifty little Coal Mining Museum in Kitzmiller. Here are a few of the many artifacts they have on display. There are also many books and photographs for research and reference there, and their collection is growing all the time. (July 2003 image by author)

The Kitzmiller Coal Mining Museum also features this model of the Hamill Coal and Coke mine. The aerial tram carried the coal across the river in buckets. If you would like to visit this museum call and make arrangements with George and Jackie at (301) 453-3280, or write them at PO Box 428, Kitzmiller, Maryland 21538. Donations are not mandatory but are appreciated. (July 2003 image by author)


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