Upland Coal and Coke Company operated the Upland coal mines from 1891 until 1943. Like other coal mining towns along this part of Elkhorn Creek, there was a beehive coke plant located at Upland. The coke ovens went cold in 1919. Apparently the Crozer Coal & Coke Co., from neighboring Elkhorn, W.Va., ran the Upland mine for a short time in 1943 to 1945. In 1945 the railroad siding was removed, and that was the end of coal mining at Upland, West Virginia.

Mar. 2004 image by author

Upland, WV coal camp.

Feb. 2017 image by author

Was this small brick structure once a garage or some kind of industrial structure?

Feb. 2017 image by author

Ruins of the Upland Coal & Coke Co. tipple.

Feb. 2017 image by author

These buildings may be left over from the Upland coal mine.

Feb. 2017 image by author

I'm not sure, but this may have been part of the Upland colliery.

Feb. 2017 image by author

The old Upland mine buildings appear to be part of a water filtration plant now.

Feb. 2017 image by author

Duplex coal company housing, similar to what you would find in a Pennsylvania coal town.


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WV state mining records



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