Pemberton is located on Soak Creek and was owned by the Pemberton Coal Co. Later the Lillybrook Coal Co. and Koppers Coal Co. simultaneously mined there, with each operating a company store. A few people still live there.

Oct. 1997 image by author

Where the C&O and Virginian railroads crossed.

Feb. 2001 image by author

This may have been a pump house for one of the Pemberton coal mines.

May 2000 image by author

An old wooden railroad trestle near Pemberton.

Dec. 1998 WV SHPO image by Jeff Davis

An old coal mine fan by the road in Pemberton. This was demolished in early 2002.

Nov. 2007 image by author

One of the last remaining historic homes in Pemberton, the Doctor Daniels house, burned in 2007.

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The Emanuel Amato family came to the Winding Gulf Coalfield from Sicily. They eventually settled in Pemberton, bought this house, raised it up, and put a store underneath. Later, Philip Gaziano operated his barbershop there.

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Emanuel Amato's (and his wife Provvidenza's) headstone at St. Francis de Sales cemetery in Beckley. Note "Riposa in Pace" etched in the stone - Italian for rest in peace.

Oct. 1997 image by author

This is the last wall of a store that burned in Pemberton. The store was owned by the late Sam Amato, brother of Emanuel.

Image courtesy of Leonard St. clair

Sam Amato's store as it looked in 1965

Image courtesy of Leonard St. Clair

A great old picture of the railroad depot (Virginian?) contributed by Leonard S. That is smoke from one of the slate dumps on the left.

From a private collection

A wedding party poses in front of one of the slate dumps in Pemberton in 1946: Front Row L to R-Rena DellaMea, bride and groom Theresa and Enrico Dellamea, his parents Maria and Pietro Dellamea; Back Row L to R: Louie, Gino, and Joe DellaMea.