Nov. 2001 image by author

This is a memorial near Man, WV for the Buffalo Creek Flood and the people who died in the 40 foot wave that came down the hollow when Pittston's dam broke. Allegedly one man outran the wave by flying down the hollow in his truck and honking his horn along the way to warn people.

Nov. 2001 image by author

Here's a picture of the remains of Pittston Coal Co.'s prep plant up on Buffalo Creek. This was the mine site where in 1972 the impoundment broke and caused the Buffalo Creek Flood that destroyed most of the coal camps on Buffalo Creek and killed over 100 people. It was very eerie up there, and the only sound I heard was the wrecking ball (up on the hill, out of site) tearing down these silos, while I took this photo and thought of those 100+ dead people.

Update: In the 2010s a large new prep plant and coal mine opened near here. The location is no longer quiet and eerie.

Nov. 2001 image by author

This was the electric shop at Amherstdale, domain of the Guyan Eagle Coal Co. and, later, Island Creek Coal Co.

Oct. 2008 image by author

Evidence of auger mining in a coal seam outcrop near where Saunders, WV was located before it was washed off the map.

2016 image by author

The 1972 flood washed away probably 90% of the original coal company towns on Buffalo Creek. However, these original coal camp houses at Lundale survived because they were protected by a big school building.

1943 Life Magazine image by Alfred Eisenstaedt

Lundale tipple and part of coal camp.

2011 WVDEP AML Program image

Drift mouth from Lundale Coal Company's Latrobe Mine. This mine was in the No. 2 Gas coal seam.

2011 WVDEP AML Program image

Remains of a fan from the Latrobe Mine.

2011 WVDEP AML Program image

Pieces of old undeground coal cars near the Latrobe Mine.

Circa 1991 WV SHPO image

This old tipple used to be at Stowe, W.Va.

Image from 1922 Keystone Catalog via Google Books

Two underground miners in the 1920's in one of the Lorado mines. They are operating a shortwall cutting machine.

1972 image courtesy of Dr. Chuck Bailey

Wreckage of the Lorado coal camp after the Buffalo Creek Flood.

Feb. 1973 image by Dr. Chuck Bailey

This was the tipple of Buffalo Mining Company, a subsidiary of Pittston Coal Co.

1970s image by Dr. Chuck Bailey

A scene in Amherstdale showing the Guyan Eagle company store on the left and a tipple on the right.

1970s image by Dr. Chuck Bailey

Another company store in Amherstdale was operated by Island Creek Coal Co.

Dec. 2017 image by author

A few original coal company houses in Amherstdale.

Dec. 2017 image by author

Fanco, West Virginia