Wyoming is a mysterious and obscure coal camp in western Wyoming County built in 1934 by Red Jacket Coal Company. That is a late date for an Appalachian coal company town to be constructed. The mine was sometimes referred to as "New Red Jacket," in contrast with Red Jacket Coal Company's original mine ("Old Red Jacket") in Mingo County. Wyoming was operated in its later years by Island Creek Coal Company, who absorbed Red Jacket Coal in the 1950's. NFL player Curt Warner, running back through the 1980s for the Seattle Seahawks, was from Wyoming.

These coal camp houses for the miners contrast sharply with the foremen's homes pictured below. (Sep. 2001 image by author)

These company-built homes, probably for foremen or company officials, have been modernized and kept up. (Sep. 2001 image by author)

This building has been identified as the Island Creek company store at Wyoming. The mud is from the great flood of July 8, 2001. (Sep. 2001 image by author)

Aerial tramway guide tower. (Dec. 1998 WV SHPO image by Jeff Davis)

Aerial tramway breakover tower. (Dec. 1998 WV SHPO image by Jeff Davis)

A water tank from the Wyoming mine. (Dec. 1998 WV SHPO image by Jeff Davis)

Remains of the bath house water tank. (Dec. 1998 WV SHPO image by Jeff Davis)