Coal baron Sam Dixon owned Scarbro and named it after Scarborough, England. This was the White Oak Fuel Co. and the year was 1899. Later the operation was owned by the mighty New River Company. The Scarbro mine closed in 1932, but some people still live in this coal camp in houses built by the coal company one hundred years ago.

The art deco company store at Scarbro was built in 1937 to replace an older one that burned. The New River Company closed the store in 1969. (July 2008 image by author)

A rare photo of the inside of the Scarbro company store as it looked in the 1930s. (Image from the out of print book "The New River Company-Mining Coal and Making History 1906-1976")

Photo from the mid 1990s showing the company store and the movie theatre beside it. (Image courtesy of Connie Osteen)

The movie theatre/amusement hall, with the company store to the right. (Image courtesy of Connie Osteen)

The palatial superintendent's house sits atop a hill overlooking the coal camp. (Feb. 2001 image by author)

Scarbro coal camp. (Dec. 2004 image by author)

A vintage picture of the Scarbro tipple that was constructed in 1916. (Image from the out of print book "The New River Company-Mining Coal and Making History 1906-1976")



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