This slate dump is the result of mining activity at South West No. 2 over 80 years ago. H.C. Frick Coke Co. closed the operation in 1923. (Mar. 2003 image by author)

Detritus from coal mining operations at Morewood - coal mine timber props, mesh from coal mining screens, rusted steel sheeting from a tipple, and surplus bricks from the coke ovens. (Mar. 2003 image by author)

One of the last company-built patch houses left from the South West No. 2 patch. It is along US 119 between the Mount Pleasant and Scottdale exits. (Mar. 2003 image by author)

This country bank mine portal, probably in the Sewickley seam, is in the same hollow near Morewood that the South West No. 2 mine, coke yard, and patch housing were located. Whether it was associated with the South West mine is unclear. A Country Bank mine is a small farm mine. (Feb. 2003 image by author)

This structure, which looks like a loading bin of sorts, is beside the mine portal shown above. (Feb. 2003 image by author)

A rusting tank lies next to the bin and drift mouth at South West No. 2 hollow. The area was originally called Alice. (Feb. 2003 image by author)

The superintendent's house at Morewood No. 1 is still in existence. It is on Morewood St., aka Route 981, just beyond the boundary of Mount Pleasant borough. (2005 image courtesy of Randy Biller)

Stripping the Redstone seam outcrop at Morewood, PA in July 2003. This is the Zoracki Strip Mine, mining the outcrop of the old H.C. Frick Coke Company's King Mine, one of the only non-Pittsburgh seam mines that company operated. The operator here was Amerikohl. (Jul. 2003 image by author)