Oliver Nos. 1 and 2 opened circa 1891 by Oliver Coke Company, a subsidiary of Oliver Iron and Steel Co. (aka Oliver and Snyder Steel Company) in Pittsburgh. The Oliver post office opened in 1892. In 1903 Oliver No. 3 was opened a short distance away. No. 3 was a separate patch town from No. 1 and 2. In the 1930s Oliver No. 1, 2, and 3 were operated by Pleasant Valley Mining Co. By the late '30s Pleasant Valley was out and Commodore Coal & Coke Co. opened an Oliver No. 4 mine. In 1940 Old Home Fuel Co. operated the Oliver No. 2 coke yard, but no coal mine. They must have just coked other companies' coal. In the mid 1940s there was an Oliver No. 4 deep mine and Oliver No. 4 strip mine.

(Image courtesy Coal and Coke Heritage Center, Penn State Eberly campus)

Coal company houses at Oliver No. 1 / 2.

(March 2019 image by author)

The only feature of the Oliver 1 and 2 coal and coke works remaining that I am aware of is the repair shop shown here.

(Circa late 1950s image by John Enman)

An earlier photo of the Oliver repair shop.

(Circa late 1950s image by John Enman)

Tipple and mine shaft.

(Circa late 1950s image by John Enman)

Stable for the horses that worked underground at the Oliver mines.

(Circa late 1950s image by John Enman)

Coke drawing machine and coke ovens.

(December 1960 image by John Enman via the "Silver Cinders" video)

Ruins of the Oliver coke yard.

(December 1960 image by John Enman via the "Silver Cinders" video)


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Edited by Raymond A. Washlaski, Virtual Museum of Coal Mining in Western Pennsylvania.

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