Jan. 2013 image by Mike Mance

Coal mine portal lintel from the Delmont Gas No. 2 mine.

Nov. 2004 image by author

Patch houses and slate dump at Edna No. 1, a mining operation opened by the Pittsburgh & Baltimore Coal Co. around 1900. The mine was later operated by several other companies until its closure in 1945.

Nov. 2004 image by author

There are also the traditional Pennsylvania Miner's Duplex Homes at Edna No. 1, again with the slate dump in the background.

Nov. 2004 image by author

Just beyond the edge of the city of Irwin, PA is the patch town of Hahntown, and this section of Hahntown is called Scab Hill. That is because these company houses were constructed in 1910 to house strikebreaking "scabs" that were brought in to work in the Penn Gas No. 2 mine of the Penn Gas Coal Company. Westmoreland Coal Company closed the mine in 1953.

Nov. 2004 image by author

A closer view of the coal company houses at Scab Hill, also known as Adams Hill.

May 2003 image by author

The Trees Mills coal patch, built by the Delmont Gas Coal Company in 1915, housed miners working an isolated hilltop of the Pittsburgh coal vein. Pittsburgh coal occurs only a little north of here before pinching out. The small Trees Mills coal mine apparently closed in 1928, though it's outcrop was stripped in later years.

Jan. 2002 image by author

Coal mine ruins near Hunker, PA. The coal silo in the background has since been removed.

Nov. 2004 image by author

Herminie No. 2 is your typical Western Pennsylvania coal patch town. The coal mine here, called the Ocean No. 2 mine, has been closed since 1938.

Westmoreland Conservation Distric image

Wyano, Pa.