This one is hard to sort out. Moffitt-Sterling is along the Monongahela River in southern Greene County. The patch town is actually up on a hill above the river. Moffitt-Sterling Gas Coal Company formed on Dec. 30, 1920. In 1926 that firm operated the Moffitt Mine. In the same vicinity there was another firm named Mapel-Sterling (sometimes spelled Maple) Coal Works, which owned the Dunkard No. 1 (Sewickley seam) and Dunkard No. 2 (Pittsburgh seam) mines. By 1936 these were owned by the Sterling Fuel Co. and employed 137 people that year. Later Mapel-Sterling ran the nearby Hilltop No. 1 mine, which at one point was also operated by Hilltop Coal Co. See what I mean by Moffitt-Sterling area mines being hard to sort out?

July 2003 image by author

Here is the Moffitt-Sterling coal patch town.

July 2003 image by author

Tipple Ruins below the Moffitt-Sterling mining settlement.

2013 image courtesy of Chip Guesman

Chip contributed this picture of the remains of Mapel-Sterling Dunkard No. 2 Mine portal, which must be in someone's back yard, because the grass is mowed around it.

2013 image courtsy of Chip Guesman

A closer look at the Dunkard No. 2 Mine lintel shows that someone made the "S" in Sterling backwards.

Image by others

Stock certificate from Moffitt-Sterling Gas Coal Co.