There is some confusion surrounding this mine. Evidently the Rose Mine was a small mine operated by Seventh Pool Coal and Coke, with a small 58 acre reserve of coal. By 1930 the operator was Greensboro Gas Coal Company. However nearby was the Rosedale No. 2 Mine of Rosedale Coal Company, based in Morgantown, WV.

This vintage USGS topo map shows the location of the Rose Mine and patch between the Penn Pitt and Poland Mines patches, although it was unnamed on this map. I have circled it in red. The map shows two mines with "dinky" tracks down to the mainline of the Monongahela Railroad. Was one mine Rosedale No. 2 and the other Rose Mine?

Apr. 2009 image by author

The homes remain from the small, almost ephemeral Rose Mine patch. A resident of the area told me this small coal mining community also went under the name Rosedale. It was built by Seventh Pool Coal and Coke Company, probably around 1918. The home on the left has had an addition built onto the front of the house. PA Route 88 is in the foreground.

Apr. 2009 image by author

At some point Route 88 was realigned and went right through the Rosedale patch, as shown here. Several company houses were removed at that time.

Apr. 2009 image by author

A resident of Rosedale alerted me to these remains of the Rose Mine. This probably supported one of the trolley tracks bringing the coal from the portals down to the railroad and river for shipment. He also told me one of the trestles leading to the portals is still in existence behind his home, and I regret not photographing that, too.

Apr. 2009 image by author

Historic ruined building near the Rose Mine tipple remnant. There was a row of miners' houses at the river level.