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Dysart, Pennsylvania. While probably not a row of company houses, there were several coal mines around Dysart, such as A. Smith and Company's Superior mines, Herman Coal Company's Bell mine, Sugar Run Coal Mining, Co. and Blair Cambria Coal Co.

December 2021 image by author

Coal tipple along Chest Creek near St. Bonifice.

December 2021 image by author

Although all of the chutework and loading booms have been removed, a vibrating screen is still mounted inside the dilapidated Chest Creek tipple. And I don't want to be around when it comes crashing down.

March 2021 image by author

This was the juntion of the Pennsylvania Railroad's Susquehanna Extension in Cherrytree, Pa. The branch forked off to the left and went down to all of the big coal mines around Barnesboro, Spangler, and Bakerton. How many millions of tons of high quality coal came through this junction over the years? Sadly, after a point about a mile from this junction all of the trackage has been removed.

Image from a Keystone Coal Catalog

This was the coal company town of Argyle, Pa. The Argyle Coal Co. operated mines near the border of Blair and Cambria County. This community has been totally removed from the face of the earth.

There was also an Argyle mine several miles away near South Fork, Pa. I'm sure that this is not that mining town, because that was down in a deep valley with large mountains in the background.

December 2021 image by author

Former coal company houses for the Cresson Shaft mine of Cresson Coal & Coke Company. When I took these pictures the slate dump had just been reclaimed.

December 2021 image by author

Another style of hipped-roof company houses at Cresson Shaft. They have all been modified over the years.

Circa 1922 "Keystone Coal Catalog" image via Google Books

Ancient photo of loaded mine cars waiting to be dumped into the tipple, shown in the background, at Pennsylvania Coal & Coke Corp.'s No. 21 mine. Pennsylvania Coal & coke, headquartered in Cresson, marketed their coal under the "Pardee" and "Webster" trade names.

December 2021 image by author

Possible company store at Dean, Pa. Cresson and Clearfield Coal & Coke Company operated several mines around Dean.

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A few houses probably constructed by the Anderson Coal Mining Co. in Van Ormer, Pa. Anderson operated their Peerless No. 1 through 5 coal mines in that area.

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A quiet Sunday morning at the railroad wye in Cresson, Pa.

December 2021 image by author

An engine house is maintained inside the Cresson wye to service helper locomotives that move the trains up Allegheny Mountain and over the hill near Gallitzin.

December 2021 image by author

Tippletown, Pennsylvania.


Inventory of area mines provided to author by the Coalport Area Coal Museum.