A coal mine was opened at the edge of Hastings, Pa. by the Rich Hill Coal Co. before 1910. Some sources list the date as early as 1891, but I don't think that is true. That may have been the date that Rich Hill was organized and took out the lease. A small village of coal company houses was constructed around the mine known as Slickport. Apparently the coal company built 30 houses. Later, the company went by the name Rich Hill Coal Mining Corp. Rich Hill No. 1 mine was in the Upper Freeport seam, known locally as "E" seam. Rich Hill No. 2 mined the Lower Freeport, or "D", seam. Both mines were in less than 5' of coal. I have seen correspondence from Rich Hill Coal Mining Corp. confirming that the mines were still open as late as 1958.

December 2021 image by author

Looking up into Slickport.

December 2021 image by author

Many of the houses are of masonry construction.

December 2021 image by author

The coal company mixed different shapes of houses to break up the monotony usually found in coal company towns.

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Coal company towns often have a bad reputation for poor quality housing, but that was not always true. The houses in Slickport have held up well.

December 2021 image by author

Lintel of the covered over drift portal from Rich Hill No. 1 mine.

December 2021 image by author

The tipple is long gone, but some of the coal mine buildings are extant. They are on private property, and are still being utilized.

December 2021 image by author

I believe that this building was the motor barn. Mine locomotives entered through large doors on the other side.

December 2021 image by author

Another one of the mine shop buildings. Note the vintage door.



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