Sunrise over the Montour No. 10 patch, on the edge of Library, Pa. in Southern Allegheny County. (Feb. 2004 image by author)

Patch houses across the valley from the ones pictured above. The Pittsburgh Coal Company opened the Montour No. 10 coal mine and patch town in 1919. The mine operated until 1957, then was closed until it was briefly reopened in the 1970s. (Feb. 2004 image by author)

The gob pile that is still there is visable behind these company built homes. Save a concrete abutment from a trolly track nothing remains of the Montour No. 10 mine and coal processing facility. However, Consol, the heir to the Pittsburgh Coal Co. still operates research facilities there. (Feb. 2004 image by author)

Remaining concrete abutment which once supported a mine motor track from a mine portal to the tipple. (Feb. 2004 image by author)

Ron contributes this photo, and writes, "I am sending you a photo of where the miners would go and shop in Library Champion Store Inc. Its right down the street from Montour No. 10, and they are renovating the building. I don't think the sign will be there too much longer." (Image courtesy of Ron Franko)

These were foremens' company houses at Montour 10. Some of the are still in existence along Sebolt Road. (Circa 1927 "Keystone Coal Catalog" image)

Coal company duplex houses at Montour 10. (Circa 1927 "Keystone Coal Catalog" image)

Good vintage view of part of the Montour 10 patch. (Circa 1927 "Keystone Coal Catalog" image)

The Montour 10 tipple looked state of the art at the time of this photo, but it is gone now. (Circa 1927 "Keystone Coal Catalog" image)



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