Apr. 2009 image by author

A view of the former coal mining town from the former tipple and slate dump site. Acosta was built in 1905-1907 by the Somerset Coal Company. The names of the mines were Jenner No. 4 and Jenner No. 5. In 1910 Consolidation Coal Company assumed control of the Acosta mines and town, and the new names for the mines were No. 120 and No. 121. Mining continued until 1950.

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A row of company houses on Sixth Street. It is common to find the streets in Western Pa. coal company towns to be named 1st Street, 2nd Street, 3rd Street, etc.

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Soil has been pushed up over the Mine No. 120 portal to seal it off. There were actually three portals here: one for miners, one for air (to a fan), and the main hauledge way for coal cars.

Apr. 2009 image by author

Ruins around the sealed-off mine portal.