Wilson Creek was opened by the Somerset Coal Co. in the first few years of the 20th Century. This company raised its own food, probably to sell at their company store, on its own company farm. This farm probably also feed the mines' mules. Around 1910 Wilson Creek became Consolidation Coal Co. Mines No. 108 and 114. The final operator, from 1932 until 1960, was Fogle Coal Co.

Remaining slate dump and, to the left, concrete tipple ruins. (Apr. 2018 image by author)

Large slate dumps abound at the site. My photos don't capture the size of them. (Apr. 2018 image by author)

Remains of the Wilson Creek coal mines.(Apr. 2018 image by author)

Probably remains of the machine shop or blacksmith shop. (Apr. 2018 image by author)

Another old mine shop building. (Apr. 2018 image by author)

Yet more mine ruins. (Apr. 2018 image by author)

Old stone and brick foundations at the old Wilson Creek tipple site. (Apr. 2018 image by author)

Slate dump on the left and tipple foundations on the right. (Apr. 2018 image by author)

There are only a few remaining houses from the Wilson Creek comapny-built patch town, such as this one. (Apr. 2018 image by author)

While studying old aerial photographs of the area it looked to me like most of the Wilson Creek mining town was demolished in the 1930s. (Apr. 2018 image by author)


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