Alexandria Coal Company was the first firm to mine coal and bake coke at what is now Crabtree, Pa. Jamison Coal and Coke Company, which was formed in 1892, purchased the Alexandria mine and coke ovens and made it their No. 4 mine. Later there was also a Jamsion No. 5 mine, too. Both were slope portals down into the Pittsburgh coal seam. In 1921 there were 525 men working the 492 coke ovens and No. 4 mine. Keystone Coal and Coke Co. purchased the Crabtree No. 4 and 5 mines (along with nearby Luxor No. 1, Hannastown No. 2, Forbes Road No. 3, and Highland No. 6) from Jamison in 1922. Keystone renamed the mine their Greensburg No. 4 mine. Production dwindled through the early 1930s and finally ended in 1935.

Buildings remaining from the Crabtree coal mines include, on the left, the stable, and on the right, the hay barn. (Jan. 2019 image by author)

This was originally the machine shop for the Crabtree mines. (Jan. 2019 image by author)

Another view of the machine shop shows, in the background, the neighboring coal patch town of Greenwald. (Jan. 2019 image by author)

Crabtree features the usual patch town housing found in Western Pa. Until 2018 Crabtree also featured not one but two fancy Italian Restaurants - Carbone's and Rizzo's. Carbone's is now closed. (Jan. 2019 image by author)

Former coal company housing along U.S. Route 119. (Jan. 2019 image by author)

Acid mine drainage in Crabtree Creek. (Jan. 2019 image by author)

(Jan. 2019 image by author)


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