Jamison Coal and Coke Company built their No. 1 mine was at Luxor, PA in the 1890s. Here are the remains of the coal washing plant that the company built in 1907. (May 2003 image by author)

Remaining beehive coke ovens at Luxor that were part of the Jamison No. 1 operation. (May 2003 image by author)

In 1940 the Sekora Coal Company acquired the coal mine at Luxor. After this they relocated the tipple that you see here from the nearby Crow's Nest mine. (May 2003 image by author)

Another view of the tipple at Luxor. (May 2003 image by author)

These company-built homes in the Luxor patch are still inhabited. (Sep. 2003 image by author)

The "red dog" is evidence that the slate dump at Luxor was once on fire. (Sep. 2003 image by author)

Coal mining at Luxor ended in 1972. (May 2003 image by author)

Unfortunately Sekora Coal Co. demolished the Luxor tipple in February 2004, bringing down one of the last coal tipples in Westmoreland County. (Image courtesy of the Tribune-Review, Greensburg, PA)

The following pictures were emailed in by Sam Baker. Sam explored site of the Luxor coal mine in the Summer of 2010.

The portal to the coal mine.

Sam says this is "a support for a trestle that ran from where the recent tipple stood to the mine portal."

Sam describes this as "a powder or caps magazine."

The following pictures were emailed in by Chance Peddler. These photos were taken in 2017.

Chance describes this as the "old bee hive coke oven location."

Brick mine portal.

Side view of mine portal.

Looking inside the portal.

Ruins of the coal washing plant.

Underneath the coal washing plant.

Coal washing plant "cellar."

Coal washing plant again.

And again.



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