These homes on Railroad Street in Penn are among the oldest coal company houses in all of Appalachia, and were probably built circa 1860. (Google Street View image)

Tipple, power house, and coke ovens of the Latrobe-Connellsville Coal & Coke Company's Derry Mine No. 1. (Image source lost)

Coal mining village of Carbon, PA. The Carbon mine was closed by the Keystone Coal and Coke Company after 1917. (Nov. 2003 image by author)

The Haydenville patch, also known as Red Onion, housed the workers of the Greensburg Coal Company's Greensburg No. 1 mine and Greensburg No. 2 mine. Coal mining lasted into the 1930s, and today Haydenville is not an isolated coal patch, but a neighborhood of South Greensburg. (Nov. 2003 image by author)

Brenizer, PA was a "model" company town. This photo shows some of the styles of homes in Brenizer. The Garnet Coal and Coke Company established the mine and town, but the Westmoreland Mining Company operated the mine in the latter years, closing it down in the 1950s. There are a few ruins of buildings related to the Brenizer mine across the highway from the patch, and the slate dump is still there, but nothing warranted a photograph. (May 2004 image by author)

A typical Westmoreland County patch is Keystone Coal and Coke's Salemville, one of the patch towns in the Westmoreland Coalfield which featured beehive coke production. Sadly, from the vantage point of Route 22, it looks like the ovens are gone. (May 2004 image by author)

A company town known as Hannastown. The mine associated with this particular patch was Jamison No. 2, which closed in 1949. (Apr. 2005 image by author)

Coke oven pushing machine of the Atlantic Crushed Coke co. (Image source lost)

Remains of a wooden coal tipple in the Saltsburg vicinity. (2005 image by Mark D. Holm)

Old coal mine fan from the Greensburg Coal Company's Hawksworth mine. (Feb. 2015 image courtesy of coalandcoke.blogspot.com)

One of the last coal mining operations in the Westmoreland Coalfield was the Jubilee rail loading facility, operated by Coal Loaders, Inc. in Derry, PA in the late 1990's and early 2000's. They must have used the front end loader at the left of the photo to load the hopper cars with coal from their strip mines around Westmoreland County. The facility is shown here in a half-dismantled state. The scalehouse was a wreck, the conveyor was in pieces, and the stockpile had been seeded with grass. I believe that it has since been reclaimed. (May 2005 image by author)



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