EUREKA NO. 35 & NO. 36


Berwind No. 35C Prime Mine closed in May 1955.

Photo showing the linear layout of Eureka 35 and 36 patch towns, which run together almost as one community. An old school building (red arrow) is the informal division between No. 35 and No. 36. These are two of the patch town suburbs of Windber, PA of Berwind-White Coal Mining Company that were numbered No. 30 through No. 42. (Apr. 2009 image by author)

Berwind-White opened Eureka No. 35 mine in 1898 in the Lower Kittanning seam of coal, and operated it into the 1950s. It was briefly reopened from 1970 to 1980 by the Richland Coal Corp. No. 36 mine was also in the Lower Kittanning vein, and produced from 1900 to 1949.

Former schoolhouse that divdes No. 35 and No. 36 patch towns. (Google Street View image)

The duplex houses in the No. 35 and No. 36 patch towns are typical of Berwind-White towns in the area, as well as most Western PA coal towns. (Apr. 2009 image by author)

A few of the patch houses, showing modifications made to them, with the No. 35 company store in the background. (Apr. 2009 image by author)

Eureka No. 35 company store. (Apr. 2009 image by author)

Company-built houses where No. 35 starts to blend back in with the incorporated town of Windber. (Apr. 2009 image by author)

These mine shop buildings from No. 35 mine, perhaps the lamp house and motor barn, are still in existence. (Apr. 2009 image by author)

Quad (ATV) tracks on the slate dump are not uncommon in Western Pennsylvania. (Apr. 2009 image by author)

Image from a Sullivan Machinery Co. catalog showing miners at Eureka No. 35 mine using a Sullivan Pick Machine. The black hose shown is bringing compressed air to the machine. Some mine equipment at that time operated on compressed air. (Circa 1902 Sullivan Machinery Co. image via Google Books)

Bird's eye view of No. 35. (Image by others)



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